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termite mud tubesTermite infestations are capable of causing thousands of dollars in structural damage in a very short amount of time. And despite the tremendous amount of damage they’re capable of doing a termite infestation can be difficult to spot–before it’s too late. There are signs however, like the termite mud tube displayed in the picture on the right. To a trained termite control professional that’s a clear sign of a serious problem but to someone without the experience it can be very easy to overlook.

The key to protecting your home or business from the ravages of a termite infestation is catching the problem early or preventing it altogether. That’s why EcoTek provides free termite inspections done by one of our pest control experts. If termites are found we will also provide a detailed plan on how to tackle the problem and a free estimate for how much it would cost. And EcoTek provides a comprehensive termite control plan. That means we’ll perform the insect treatment, the cleanup, and any necessary structural repairs. All of this work is covered by our Termite Free Guarantee which means the insects will be gone for good. Here at EcoTek we know that one solution isn’t going to work for everyone. That’s why we offer multiple proven methods of removing or preventing termite infestations. We have environmentally friendly chemical free solutions, monitoring systems, liquid barrier treatments and even liquid non-detectable solutions available. But no matter what method we use, EcoTek will always work toward giving you the peace of mind which comes from knowing your property is termite free.

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    Potent Termite Control Treatments

    EcoTek uses Termidor SC for exterminating termites. Termidor SC has been rated as the best liquid termite insecticide for 5 consecutive years. The Termidor SC will be applied to the top of your building’s foundation to make sure any termites chewing through the wood are stopped in their tracks. Termidor SC is designated for outdoor termite control. The termites will crawl through the treatment and take the chemical back to the nest. It will kill the current colony and stop any future termites from invading your home.

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    Chemical Free Monitoring Stations

    EcoTek is also able to employ monitoring stations that are completely chemical free and only utilize natural compounds. One of our technicians will install and monitor protected bait stations which are situated around your property. The EcoTek Term-Pro stations are made of wood and cardboard. This attracts them to the bait station and away from your building. And if termites are found, EkoTek will then apply a treatment to eliminate them..

    Wood Destroying Insect Reports and Free Inspection Services

    EcoTek understands how big of an investment a home or business is, which is why we offer the most comprehensive termite inspections in our industry–for free. Once we complete the inspection we provide you with a Wood Destroying Insect Report or the WDIR 100. The WDIR 100 will provide you with a detailed explanation of the current condition of your property in regards to wood destroying organisms or WDO. Our report covers more than just termites. We we also look for powder post beetles, as well as carpenter bees, which is an often missed and destructive wood borer.
    We don’t only provide our WDIR 100 Reports to homeowners, but it, and our free inspections, are also available to:

    • Commercial properties
    • Institutional properties
    • Multi-Family units
    • Realtors
    • Residential Builder Services
    • Prospective Home Buyers

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    +Structural TermiteGuard Warranty and Renewal Program

    Our +Structural termite protection agreement is a win-win for building owners. Whenever we begin our treatment plan for removing termites we will also remove any unwanted pests from your home. So that means any other type of insect we find, whether it’s cockroaches, bed bugs, fire ants, or drain flies–we will eliminate them as well. But our +Structural TermiteGuard warranty goes a step further. First, if there’s any more insect or termite activity within your property after we perform our treatment then we will continue our work to remove them at no cost to you. That means the decontamination, cleanup and any necessary repairs, are all on us.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How often do you recommend getting a termite inspection?

    It is important to have an annual inspection to your property to look for termite damage and a possible infestation. If you notice signs of termite damage, you can call for an inspection immediately. Signs of damage or infestation include mud tubes on the exterior of the home, discarded wings and squeaky floor boards. If you see any of these signs, contact EcoTek immediately.

    What are the risks to wild animals with the conventional termite treatment?

    Termidor SC is safe for wild animals. It is a treatment that is applied directly to the foundation and also around the exterior of the foundation, in the ground. It should not affect wild animals that are in your yard or away from the foundation.

    How do I know I have termites instead of ants?

    There are visible differences between ants and termites. Both species have four wings, but an ants wings are bigger in the front than the back, while the termites wings are the same size. Termites wings are also twice the size of their bodies. The antennae of an ant are bent while a termites antennae are almost straight. Ants have a slender waist making it easy to see the three segments, while the termites have a broader waist.

    How damaging are termites to a property?

    Termites will eat through the wood in your home. This can cause structural damage to your property. This means that the wood that they eat will need to be replaced in order to keep your home safe. Some termites can also eat through the casings around your electoral wires, which can cause a fire hazard. Termites can completely destroy a home within two years.

    How fast do I need to act to get rid of termites?

    A termite colony can eat a pound of wood a day. However, there may be more than one termite colony in your home. Although this may not sound like the damage is happening very quickly, the longer you allow the termites to continue the more damage they will cause. This will lead to greater repair costs.

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