Rodent Control

Around the world rats and mice are capable of causing more damage inside of a home than any other mammal on the globe. There’s few things they leave untouched in their wake. These rodents will spoil foodstuffs, spread diseases like salmonella and the hantavirus, among others. And they will gnaw holes and tunnels through your entire home. Not even electrical wires are safe from their incredibly sharp teeth, resulting in serious fire hazards. And to top it all off, rodents are capable of reproducing rapidly. They are more likely to come into your home in the fall and winter as they are looking for a warm place to build a nest or home.

rat controlSquirrels, rats, mice and rodents of all types are never a welcome sight in your home–unless they’re a pet. There are a number of actions you should take to prevent them from getting inside of your home. You can check your home for cracks and holes in the foundation. If you find any, you can plug the hole with steel wool. The may also come in through your roof, since they can cross to your home on a thin wire. You should check your attic for signs of an infestation.

But once they are inside, you should call EcoTek as soon as possible. Our team of expert rodent exterminators will lay and clean up the traps, clean up behind them, decontaminate your home, and repair any damage they leave in their wake. We will also install exclusion barriers to prevent them from coming in again. We can take the headache and hassle out of a rodent infestation Our turnkey solution will take the hassle out of a rodent infestation. Call us today.

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    Rodent Cleanup, Repair and Prevention Services

    It cannot be overstated how important it is to completely remove all of the nests and feces that are created from an infestation of rats, mice or squirrels, to lessen the chance of disease spreading. Once the cleanup has been completed it is time to begin the process of repairing the damage that was created from their destructive chewing.

    Infestation Decontamination

    Rats, mice and squirrels leave a host of bacteria in their wake which can infect people with dangerous diseases such as salmonella. That’s why the role of decontamination is so essential to the rodent removal process. By cleaning the areas where the rodents have bred and traveled you’re removing not just potentially dangerous material but also removing all the causes of unpleasant odor.

    Rodent Damage Repair

    Once the rodents are gone and all their habitats have been decontaminated it is time to take stock of the damage that has been done. We have a repair division that is very experienced with all the nuances of repairing air ducts, drywall, insulation, electrical wiring and even the HVAC systems that rodents often choose to live in.

    pest exclusion

    Rodent Prevention Services

    The last step of our rodent elimination process is the installation of a host of pest exclusion barriers. These barriers will prevent mice, rats and even squirrels from being able to re-enter your home. They work by sealing off any and all points of entry into your business or home.

    Signs of a Rodent Infestation

    There are several things to be on the look out for, which may signal a rodent infestation:

    • Mouse or rat droppings. If you spot any droppings then you know you have a serious problem. This is a clear sign that rodents are present.
    • Odd tears and holes in your clothing, insulation, fabric and other items. Rodents will steal these bits of material to build their nests.
    • Small rodent holes in kitchen cabinets, the bottom of desk drawers and various pieces of furniture.
    • Any odd scratching sounds coming from the walls–especially during the night.

    If you’ve confirmed that you have mice, or even if you think you do, then you should not delay in calling EcoTek for a free rodent inspection. It’s important to eliminate the infestation as soon as possible in order to reduce the amount of damage they do to your home. This will also lessen the potential that you, or someone in your family, will contract a disease from these pests.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do mice and rats get in?

    Mice and rats can get into your house in a number of different ways. Rats can hold their breath for three minutes and have been known to swim up sewer pipes to enter a home. Both rats and mice can squeeze through very small cracks and holes that are the size of a quarter.

    What damage can they do?

    Rodents can do a great deal of damage in your home. They will chew holes into your walls and can chew through electrical wiring which can cause a fire hazard. They also can chew up the items you have stored in your home and ruin any food that you have in your pantry.

    Where are they likely to create a nest?

    Rodent nests tend to be in warm, safe places. They may nest in your attic, in your walls or in a cupboard. They will shred up cardboard or other material that they find for their nests. They will want to be near a food or water source, and you can begin looking for nests around those locations.

    What steps can I take to prevent a rodent infestation?</p>

    Sealing up any holes in your foundation or in your roof or eaves can help to prevent rodents from getting in Cover vents with a wire screen can also help to stop the rodents from coming in your home. If you do an annual inspection for any holes and take care of them, you can decrease your chances of getting a rodent.

    How soon can I receive treatment?

    We offer same day or next day treatment in most cases. Call us to schedule an appointment. We will need to complete a home inspection. The technician will be able to identify the type of rodent and determine the best places to set the traps in your house.

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