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Virginia Beach termite controlVirginia Beach, Virginia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It’s a resort city, and with miles of beaches, hotels, and restaurants, it truly has something for everyone.  It’s also the most populous city in Virginia with a population that was estimated in 2015 to be 452,745. It’s part of the Hampton Roads metropolitan area and as such holds great historical value to the country. In fact it’s home to Cape Henry, which was the site where English colonists first landed in America. And while Virginia Beach does have a little bit of everything it also has its fair share of insects and rodents which can lead to a bevy of pest control problems.

Virginia Beach has plenty of things to see but one thing you don’t want to see is any kind of pest inside your home. This is especially true of termites. There are few insects that are as dreaded as termites–and with good reason. They’re capable of doing tons of damage to a home without being discovered–until it’s too late. That’s why here at EcoTek we have developed a proven method of not only killing termites but making sure they don’t return. If you have a termite problem, or think you may have one, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact EcoTek. We have been helping cutomers with termite control since 2011. We’ll work fast to handle the problem and provide unrivaled comprehensive care.


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How to Determine if You Have Termites

It’s easy to miss a termite infestation. Most homeowners don’t even suspect they have one until they discover a colony of termites beneath their house or discover a group of them inside a room. And when it comes to a termite infestation you have to move fast or your home may fall victim to a tremendous amount of damage. And If you spot any of the signs below in your own home, there’s a chance it’s already too late.

  • Discarded Wings
    Termites will drop these upon finding a new colony. Once they arrive they’ll never need their wings again so they just shed them.
  • Mud Tubes
    These are small tubes which protect termites while they’re on the move. It’s possible to break them to see if any termites are inside.
  • Wood Damage
    This will present itself either behind or below surfaces. Look for the damage to appear in long grooves.
Wood Damage
Wood Damage
Termite Wings
Termite Wings

Mud Tubes

It just isn’t a good idea to wait until you think you have a termite problem. This is especially true since EcoTek provides free termite inspections. We will give you an estimate of any costs associated with an infestation–and if no termites are present, then you can just rest easy. Any estimate we do provide will cover the expense of not only exterminating the termites, but also any costs associated with repairing the damage they caused. It’s all part of EcoTek’s comprehensive termite control solution. We handle the elimination procedure, the cleanup, the repairs and best of all, we guarantee the termites won’t be back.

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Powerful Termite Treatments

Our termite control solution uses a liquid insecticide called Termidor SC. Termidor SC has been the best termiticide on the market for 5 years running. EcoTek will deliver the termite solution to the top of your foundation in order to make sure anything eating the wood is unable to continue. Termidor SC is an outdoor treatment. As the termites travel in and out of your home, they will pass through the chemical barrier and take the treatment back to the colony, which will eliminate the queen and the entire colony. The treatment is effective at killing the current colony and preventing new colonies from entering your home.

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Chemical Free Monitoring Stations

At EcoTek, we offer a chemical free monitoring option. To begin we will install and monitor EcoTek Term-Pro bait stations around your house. These will attract any nearby termites and are made of wood and cardboard. The stations make it easy for our technicians to detect termite activity. If termites are found, we are there to administration safe solutions to exterminate the termites. The monitoring system is a good option if no existing termite activity is found.

Wood Destroying Insect Reports and Free Inspection Services

With every free inspection we will provide home and building owners with a WDIR 100 report. This report will provide a comprehensive view of the property’s current condition, as it pertains to the presence of wood destroying organisms. These reports will not only detail information about termites but any wood destroying organisms (or WDOs) that are present. This report is necessary if you are applying for a mortgage or you want to sell your home. If you are buying a home, you can request an independent inspection on your own to find out if there are any active infestations and the damage that may have been done to the home.
Our free WDIR 100 wood destroying organism inspection reports are not only available to homeowners, but this free service is also available to:

  • Commercial properties
  • Institutional properties
  • Multi Family units
  • Realtors
  • Residential Builder Services
  • Prospective Home Buyers

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+Structural TermiteGuard Warranty and Renewal Program

EcoTek will not only eliminate any termites that are found in your home, but we will do the same for any pests that are present. That means roaches, ticks, fleas, bed bugs and any type of insect will be completely exterminated. It’s all part of our +Structural termite safeguard agreement that ensures a pest free environment. In addition to this, EcoTek also has a +Structural TermiteGuard warranty. This establishes that any insect activity/destruction that occurs after we treat your home is our responsibility. That means we will remove any additional pests or make any necessary repairs at no cost to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any way to prevent termites?

Termites often swarm looking for their next food source but there are steps to take around your home to make it a bit more difficult for them to invade your property.

  1. Fix any leaky pipes-Damp wood attracts termites and it is important to address any leaky pipes as quickly
  2. Check your roof—Missing shingles or tiles give termites an easy way into your home. Since they begin in your attic, you may not notice an invasion until serious damage has been done.
  3. Keep mulch away from your foundation—Most mulch is made from wood products and it gives the termites an easy access to your foundation. Consider using a different type of mulch such as gravel or rubber and leave a barrier between the mulch and your home.
  4. Treat your decking—The posts for your deck go into the ground and may be any easy target for termites. The best option is to use wood treated against termites for your deck and to replace it as needed.
  5. Clear out old wood on your property—Termites are looking for an easy place to feed. They may be attracted to wood piles for your fireplace, old stumps or fallen or rotting trees. Clearing these from your property can help protect your home. Stack woodpiles away from your home and keep an eye out for termites.

How much does having termites affect the property value?

The biggest way that termites affect property value is through the damages that it causes. Termite colonies can eat up to a pound a wood a day. While this may not seem like a lot, most people do not notice the damage until it becomes extensive. Additionally, you may have more than one termite colony in your home. It is important to act quickly to both kill the termites and repair the damage done to your home so that your home’s value can also recover.

Will my family or pets be at risk from the conventional treatment?

At EcoTek, our conventional treatment is Termidor SC. Termidor SC is one of the safest products on the market. Your family members and pets should not be at risk from the treatment. We will apply the treatment directly to your foundation and exterior of your home, which will provide an additional protection to your family and pets.

How do I know I have termites instead of ants?

There are visible differences between ants and termites. Both species have four wings, but an ants wings are bigger in the front than the back, while the termites wings are the same size. Termites wings are also twice the size of their bodies. The antennae of an ant are bent while a termites antennae are almost straight. Ants have a slender waist making it easy to see the three segments, while the termites have a broader waist.

How fast do I need to act to get rid of termites?

A termite colony can eat a pound of wood a day. However, there may be more than one termite colony in your home. Although this may not sound like the damage is happening very quickly, the longer you allow the termites to continue the more damage they will cause. This will lead to greater repair costs.

Customer Reviews

Didn’t even know we had termites until they came out to perform a free inspection and showed us where the termites had already been eating into the frame. Our expenses could have been much worse, but thanks to these guys we were able to catch it and have them take care of it.

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