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Virginia Beach pest controlVirginia Beach, Virginia is a resort city with miles of beaches, restaurants, and hotels. As one of the premier tourist destinations in the entire world, the city plays host to millions of visitors each and every year. Virginia Beach is also a city with significant historical importance as it contains Cape Henry, the spot where English colonists first arrived in America. With a population of approximately 452,745 it is the most populous city in all of Virginia. And while millions of tourists flock to Virginia Beach each year, there are plenty of unseemly pests that have a habit of always sticking around.

Virginia Beach’s climate and environment doesn’t just make it the perfect resort city but also makes it the ideal environment for a variety of insects to flourish. Roaches, ants, termites and many more types of pests can be found in Virginia Beach. A good number of these pests can be harder to find than others–at least not before they’ve done a terrific amount of damage. That’s why it’s important to turn to an experienced pest control company as soon as you except you may have a pest control problem. EcoTek will provide our industry leading insect and rodent inspections to find any pests that are present. Once found, we will not only completely eliminate them but ensure that they never return. Our expert technicians will preform a free inspection and give you an estimate on a treatment plan designed specifically for your situation. We have been providing quality pest control services since 2011. Contact us today to set up an inspection.

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  • Ant Control

    ant exterminators in Virginia Beach

    An ant infestation can be an incredibly annoying problem for any homeowner or business owner. And in several cases, they can even do a great deal of damage to your property. Once they find a way in they will tirelessly seek out food and water. And during this time they will constantly be constructing additional access tunnels into your building. Taking out an ant here or there isn’t going to stop them. The only surefire way to end an ant infestation is to kill their entire colony.

    There are a number of varieties of ants in the Norfolk area, but predominantly you will be dealing with house ants, carpenter ants and the dreaded fire ant. No matter its type, each one will behave differently. And that means there are different methods you have to use in order to exterminate it. We can use carpenter ants as an example here. They are capable of doing tons of damage to any wood structures in your home so it is important to eliminate them quickly. But if you try to kill them the same way you would a fire ant you will fail. That’s why it’s important to not only know what type of ant you’re dealing with but go about eliminating them in the correct fashion. Call the ant control professionals at EcoTek today and rid you of your ant problem quickly and effectively.

    Termite Control

    termite exterminators in Virginia Beach

    Termites are one of the world’s most destructive insects and they cause billions worth of damage each and every year. And while it is true they mostly destroy wood, they do also eat through books, paper, insulation and pool filtration systems. They’re even capable of reducing living trees and shrubbery to splinters. The thing that makes termites so frightening is that they can eat you out of house and home without you even realizing it. Termite infestations will usually occur between the months of March and May. This is when winged termites, or swarmers, will take to the air to find new places to start a colony. And if you spot any of these swarmers in, or around, your property–you more than likely have a termite infestation.

    There are other signs of a termite infestation like the mud tube pictured on the right. These are just one more thing that cause damage to your home and even opens it up for more unwanted pests to make their way inside. If you spot any of these warning signs, or if you would like to know for sure, you should call EcoTek today for a free termite inspection. If we find any termites present we will give you a free quote for not only the price of eliminating them but also how much it will cost to repair termite damage caused by the infestation. Learn more about our termite control services.

    Bed Bug Control

    bed bug exterminators in Virginia Beach

    Bed bugs are a very tough pest to get rid of because of how quickly they’re able to breed. And they often breed in locations you wouldn’t think of checking like a sofa or a throw rug. And while bed bugs are not deadly they make terrible house guests. Signs of a bed bug infestation include rows of small bites, blood stains on the sheets and dark spots in your bedding. It can be difficult to spot a bed bug because of their small size and even harder to find their nest and eliminate them, especially on your own.

    Luckily, there are several highly effective treatments available to deal with them. There are chemical treatments available. The main advantage of this methods is that it focuses on completely killing all of the bed bugs present as well as their eggs. This prevents the eggs from hatching and creating the same problem all over again. Our bed bug control technicians are trained to spot potential hiding places for bed bugs to make sure they are treating them completely. If you have bed bugs or think you may have bed bugs you should call EcoTek. We will make sure they’re taken out completely–wherever they may be hiding in your home. With EcoTek you’ll be sleeping soundly again in no time.

    Cockroach Control

    cockroach extermination in Virginia Beach

    There are few structures that a cockroach cannot worm its way into. And if you’ve seen one in your own home then you should know that you have a real problem on your hands. You may think that the cockroach will leave or die off on its own but you couldn’t be more wrong. As long as they have access to warmth, water and food a cockroach will be sticking around for good. And they will keep going due to the fact they’re active year round. Cockroaches are masters at breaking and entering and they’re able to slip through any cracks and crevices that are present in your home’s defenses.

    Cockroaches are a type of pest you have to deal with quickly because of how fast they reproduce and how much damage they’re capable of doing. They contaminate food, carry parasites and bacteria and are just disgusting to live with. There are several different types of cockroaches including the German, Oriental and American roach. Some roaches can grow up to 1 1/2 inches long and can fly. They are drawn to areas with a ready water supply like your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room. You may have tried getting rid of them on your own, but this can be hard since their nests are hard to reach. You don’t have to put up with them any longer. With just one call to the EcoTek cockroach control experts and you can be on the path to becoming cockroach free.


    Flea and Tick Control

    flea and tick extermination in Virginia Beach

    Fleas and ticks can create a number of issues in your home. These pests can go after not only your pets but members of your family as well. And while ticks may prefer to target household pets, they’re more than capable of attaching themselves to a human host. And once there there’s a possibility they can transfer any number of terrible diseases with their bite, such as Babeosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever or Lyme Disease. It is important to regularly check for ticks and to completely remove the tick with tweezers if you find one.

    While fleas are far less dangerous they’re still a constant annoyance and something you shouldn’t have to put up with in your home. One sign of a flea infestation is itchy bites around your ankles. In addition to treating your pets, you will need to treat your home. Trying to complete the treatments on your own can be time consuming and messy. At EcoTek we can ensure that not just your home but your entire property is tick and flea free. That means you can spend time in your own yard without the fear of tracking any unwanted pests back to your home. Our flea and tick control technicians have the most effective insecticides and methods at their disposal that will completely exterminate any and all fleas and ticks from not only in your yard, but any fleas that have found their way into your home. Call today for a free flea and tick inspection.

    Rodent Control

    rodent exterminators in Virginia Beach

    EcoTek is highly skilled at helping businesses and homeowners remove rats, mice and other rodents from their property. To say that rodents are one of the most destructive pests in the world is far from an overstatement. Thanks to their sharp teeth they’re capable of chewing through virtually every building material. And add to the fact they’re also known carriers of diseases such as Hantavirus, and you have a recipe for disaster. Despite all of the damage they cause it can be difficult to notice them. Especially since they prefer to create their nests in dark and secluded spots, such as attics, crawl spaces or basements. It’s easy for their presence to go unknown until there is a literal swarm of them infesting your home.

    It’s important to locate and destroy a rat infestation quickly. They breed quickly and the more there are, the more damage they’re capable of doing. EcoTek provides comprehensive rodent control services that are both effective and humane. Not only will we eliminate all of the rodents but we will also decontaminate their breeding grounds and repair any damage their infestation caused. Call EcoTek today and schedule a free rodent inspection to take back your home!

    Wildlife Control

    wildlife removal in Virginia Beach

    Wild animals are common throughout the Virginia Beach area. Most people do not even think twice about seeing squirrels or birds around their property until they start to find their way into their homes. If you think you have birds or squirrels in your attic, you need to address the issue right away because it can put your family at risk.

    Other animals like foxes or raccoons can be a problem if they are hanging around in your yard, because they can become aggressive if approached. The experts at EcoTek can help with all of your wildlife removal needs. We will catch the animals in humane traps and then release them into the wild. After that we can install pest exclusion barriers to stop the animals from coming into your home again. Contact the wildlife control experts at EcoTek today.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    I thought bed bugs were eradicated in the United States. How did I get them?

    Bed bugs were almost completely eradicated in the 1960s but began appearing throughout the United States again about twenty years ago. Most people pick them up after traveling and inadvertently bring them home with them. Be sure to check your hotel room before you see them.

    How do the large roaches get into my home?

    The large cockroaches are called American roaches or Palmetto bugs. These are primarily outdoor roaches that may wander into your home in search of water and food. They may crawl in through a crack around a door or window or come in through the vents on your roof.

    Can I get fire ants in Virginia Beach?

    Fire ants are an invasive ant species that first appeared in the United States in the 1930s. They are spreading out further every year. There have been reported cases of fire ant colonies in Virginia in the last ten years. They have large mounds and you can recognize them by their reddish color.

    Are my pets safe during treatment?

    We ask that you take the pets out of your home during treatment. They will need to remain gone for four hours after the treatment is completed. They are attracted to the west pesticide, but it will be safe for them once the treatment is completely dry.

    Is there anything I need to do to prepare for treatment?

    The preparation process is dependent on the type of treatment that you receive. You will receive a complete list of steps that you need to take before a treatment when you schedule an appointment. The steps include things like vacuuming before a flea treatment or washing the bedding before a bed bug treatment.

    Do you offer home maintenance plans?

    We offer three home maintenance plans. The plans include conventional and green treatment options, and one plan also include termite protection. Each plan includes quarterly inspections and free resprays when needed. Ask more about the plans when you schedule an inspection.

    How long do treatments take?

    The average time for treatment is twenty minutes. The initial inspection and treatment may take thirty minutes. If your home is large, the treatment may take longer. Bed bug treatments take longer, and you can receive an estimate on the time when you schedule your appointment.

    Do I need to be home during a treatment?

    You do not need to be home during the treatment. You can arrange to give the technician access to your home or property while you are gone. When you schedule your appointment, you can make the arrangements to allow a technician access to complete the treatment.

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