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Portsmouth Olde TownePortsmouth, Virginia is is part of the Hampton Roads metropolitan area which is one of the oldest areas in the United States. And according to the 2010 census the city has a population of 95,535. One of the city’s main attractions is its Olde Towne Historic District. Here visitors can find one of the largest groupings of historically significant homes in the country. It’s comprised of 89 well-preserved buildings in total. In addition to the Olde Towne Historic District tourists are drawn to Portsmouth for its climate. Because of its mild, humid subtropical weather tourists and residents are able to engage in outdoor activities year round. This does comes with downsides however. One of the main being that there are a large number of different pests who are also able to thrive here due to the climate.

Portsmouth is one of the oldest cities in the nation and as such boasts its fair share of old buildings–many of historical importance. That makes it all the more important to make sure they’re well protected. There are a number of pests which can do a great deal of damage to the structural integrity of a building–which is to say nothing of the damage they can do to its occupants. That’s why the best best way to protect them is through taking preventative measures, which is why EcoTek offers free pest inspections, affordable pest control treatments, and effective pest exclusion barriers to keep them from coming back. So that means if you have any type of pest issue we will find it, eliminate it and make sure it’s gone for good. Our expert technicians have been helping customers with their pest controls since 2011..

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  • Ant Control

    ant exterminators in PortsmouthIt’s true that ants are small but through sheer force of numbers they’re capable of creating giant headaches for homeowners everywhere. If they find a way inside of your home they will march constantly all through your cupboards hunting for food and water. And they will also be chewing access tunnels throughout your house to facilitate their efforts. You can’t end their assault by just stepping on an ant here or there. The only way to make sure you’re rid of them is to kill the entire colony. Each type of ant takes a different strategy to eliminate them. A professional can quickly determine the best strategy for your situation.

    In Norfolk you can expect several variants of ant to try and invade your property. Usually these varieties are the fire ant, house ant and carpenter ant. Each one of these types of ant will act in different ways. The household ant is what you will find in your kitchen, while carpenter ants can do damage similar to termites. Fire ants stay outside, but their painful bites can make it difficult to spend time outside. To be safe you should call EcoTek. We will provide you with a free ant control inspection and a proven treatment plan to handle whatever type of ant is invading your home.

    Termite Control

    termite extermination in PortsmouthTermites are voracious eaters and they are tireless foragers when it comes to finding new colonies. And despite all of this they can still be tough to spot. If your home has stained dry walls, small openings in wooden walls or mud tubes on the foundation (like the one pictured to the right) then you have termites on your property. That’s a scary realization to come to but you shouldn’t panic.

    The majority of the termite breeds in Portsmouth aren’t as dangerous as some of those found in other parts of the world. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to act quickly in order to prevent any unnecessary damage from befalling your property. Usually, by the time someone discovers termites in their home, the pests have already spread through most of the building. There are anti-termite products and chemicals which are meant to stop their progress, but these rarely offer a permanent solution. In order to completely protect your home from them, the queen and the rest of the colony must be wiped out. To accomplish this task you should call EcoTek. Not only will we provide you with a free termite inspection and Wood Destroying Organism Report, but we will guarantee that any and all termites present will be eradicated if you choose to have the termite control treatment done. EcoTek offers a complete turnkey termite control solution that will not only completely eliminate all the termites in your home, but we will clean up any residual wood and insect debris from the infestation, as well as perform any needed termite damage repairs. Learn more about our termite control services.

    Bed Bug Control

    Portsmouth bed bug exterminatorsBed bugs are a very persistent pest to deal with. The reason being is the fact that they reproduce rapidly. Not only that but they travel well and are capable of setting up their homes in areas you may not be expecting. Like on a window sill or inside of a couch cushion. And it’s true that bed bugs are not deadly but they are terrible to live with. Signs of a bed bug infestation include rows of small bites, blood stains on your sheets and dark droppings in your bedding.

    We offer an effective treatment that have been designed specifically to deal with bed bugs. Our bed bug control technicians will apply chemical sprays to any areas of your home that bed bugs may be hiding. They are trained to spot any places that bed bugs may squeeze into. The key to ending a bed bug infestation is to kill all of the bed bugs and all of their eggs. If you miss any of either you can potentially have another infestation start up in a short amount of time. If you want to end your bed bug problem for good you should call EcoTek. We will locate all of their breeding grounds and use the right method to kill all of them so that your house is bed bug free.

    Cockroach Control

    cockroach exterminators in PortsmouthCockroaches are prodigious breeders and what makes this issue worse is that their nests can be very difficult to find. And the more of them there are, the more damage they’re able to do in your home. For instance, they will usually leave their droppings wherever they feed, which will usually be in your kitchen. This will contaminate your food and potentially spread illness. They can all aggravate people who suffer from allergies and asthma.

    They can be found in more places than just your kitchen. In truth, they will thrive and multiply in any area where they have access to food, water and warmth. This means they can infest sinks, laundry rooms or even bathtubs. Add to this the fact that cockroaches usually operate in darkness and it can be a very, very long time before you realize the extent of your problem. That’s why if you spot one of these pests scurrying past you should act quickly. Call the EcoTek cockroach control professionals and we will provide you with a free cockroach inspection. We will find and destroy all of their nests, decontaminating as we go. Then we will completely exterminate all of the roaches and guarantee that they never return.

    Flea and Tick Control

    Portsmouth flea and tick exterminatorsThese pests are capable of thriving anywhere, even in locations that don’t have many animals. This means that they’re always a potential threat, lurking in your backyard or even somewhere inside your home. Ticks in particular are dangerous pests since they’re known carriers of a variety of diseases. They’re able to transmit serious diseases such as Babeosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease. And since they begin to reproduce as they feed, once the problem starts it will only worsen.

    If you see signs of a flea infestation, like bites around your ankles or on your pet, you need to take the time to treat your pet and then address the issue in your home. Home treatments tends to be messy and time consuming if you’re not familiar with the full process needed to be thorough enough to completely exterminate them. To stop their spread and to protect your family and pets, you should call the EcoTek flea and tick control experts to perform a free tick and flea inspection. We’ll ensure that the area is free of both pests, inside and outside of your home, so you can rest easy.

    Rodent Control

    Portsmouth rodent exterminatorsOnce a rodent is able to secure purchase in your home the amount of damage they’re capable of doing can be astounding. They’re capable of chewing through wood and plaster and will regularly steal from their surroundings to build their nests. Add to this fact that they’ve been known to chew through electrical wire and you’ve got an even bigger threat. Unfortunately, the list doesn’t stop there. Because they can also spread a number of serious illnesses like salmonella and the Hantavirus. Everywhere they nest or feed rodents will leave behind these potentially dangerous droppings. So that means all around your house and more than likely on top of your foodstuffs. Rodent infestations are very serious and to deal with them you need to call in experts with experience.

    Here at EcoTek we know that it isn’t enough to just exterminate a rodent infestation. That’s why we provide comprehensive rodent control solutions where we not only eliminate them but we remove every sign of their presence from your home. That means decontaminating the areas where they’ve nested as well as repairing any of the structural damage they’ve done to your home. Call our rodent control team for a free rodent consultation and we’ll get started today.

    Wildlife Control

    wildlife removal in Portsmouth

    If you suspect that you have an animal in your attic or your crawlspace, you may be reluctant to enter the area and confirm it. The experts at EcoTek can perform a free wildlife inspection to determine if you have wildlife in your home. Then we can safely trap the animals and release them back into the wild. As part of the service, we will install pest exclusion barriers around your home to stop them from coming in again.

    If you are dealing with raccoons, foxes or wood chucks, you need to be careful because these animals can bite you and cause serious injuries. It is best to turn to the experts at EcoTek. We can safely remove all types of wildlife from your home and keep your family safe. Contact the wildlife control professionals at EcoTek today, and take back your home from any wildlife that has made your property their own.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are signs of carpenter ants?

    Carpenter ants will make their nests inside of your home. They will eat the wood to make their nests. You may notice signs of damage in the wood or see the ants along the floorboards or near your carpet. They are larger than household ants and all black.

    What diseases do cockroaches carry?

    Cockroaches carry bacteria that can spread illness. These can cause diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, typhoid fever the plague. Cockroaches spread the germs when they crawl over your dishes or get into your food. They can also cause issues for people who suffer from severe allergies and asthma.

    How do termites damage a property?

    Termites damage the property by eating through the wood in your home. When they eat the wood, it weakens it and it may no longer be structurally sound. They can also chew through the electoral wiring which can cause a fire hazard.

    How long will my first treatment take?

    The first appointment usually takes about thirty minutes. This may take longer if you have a large home. Follow-up treatments usually take about twenty minutes. Some treatments may take longer. For example, bed bug treatments will take at least an hour.

    Are the treatments safe for my family?

    The treatments are safe for your family. However, we do ask that you remove your pets from the property during the treatment and for four hours after the treatment. This allows the treatment to dry and then your pets will be safe during the treatment.

    Do you offer organic or green options?

    We do offer an organic/green option for most of our pest control treatments. We also offer very effective conventional treatments that are safe than the products that you can buy at the store to deal with pests. Your technician can discuss treatment options with you after the inspection.

    What will happen at my first visit?

    During the first treatment, your technician will complete an inspection and identify any pests. He will then present you with a treatment plan and written estimate. If you choose, he can complete the first treatment then, or you can schedule the appointment for another day.

    Can I be at home during a treatment?

    It is safe for you to be home during a treatment. However, you do not need to be home if you provide us access to your home. If you are not home during the treatment, the technician will leave a note detailing the treatment, date and time.

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