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Norfolk termite controlNorfolk, Virginia is one of the most popular tourist spots in the United States. It’s weather, beaches and waterfront attract millions of tourists each and every year. It’s also the second most populous city in Virginia, after Virginia Beach, with an estimated population of 247,189. And as one of the oldest cities in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area, Norfolk is also a city with great cultural and historical importance. It’s home to one of NATO’s Strategic Command headquarters as well as the largest Naval base in the world, the Naval Station Norfolk. Norfolk’s climate and bodies of water are major attractions for the city but they also introduce a number of pest control problems which can be difficult to deal with.

Norfolk is more than just a hotbed of tourist activity, it’s also an area with a large variety of different pests. It’s important to always be wary that your home is free of these pests because they’re capable of doing a large amount of damage in a short amount of time. This goes double for termites as they’re able to completely destroy areas of the home while also going completely unnoticed. It takes effective measures and experience to deal with a termite infestation. That’s why you should call EcoTek if you have a termite problem. And if you’re not sure if you have a termite problem then we can perform a termite inspection on your property for free. And if we find any termites present we will exterminate them completely.


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How to Determine if You Have Termites

Unfortunately it is more than possible to not know you have a termite problem until you find a whole colony of termites beneath your home or in a room. Or you could spot one of the termite mud tubes which is pictured in the third image below. But by the time you’ve seen one of these signs it is already too late. The termite infestation has already done thousands of dollars worth of damage to that building.

  • Discarded Wings
    When they leave their nests to find a new place to live and breed, termites take flight and upon finding a new suitable nest the will shed their wings entirely.
  • Mud Tubes
    You’ll find these slender tubes next to building access points. You can break them to see if termites are inside.
  • Wood Damage
    You will usually find the damage under or on the back of surfaces. The damage will show up in long furrows.
Wood Damage
Wood Damage
Termite Wings
Termite Wings

Mud Tubes

We have provided the telltale signs of a termite infestation above to give you a heads up. But waiting until you see one of these signs present itself in your home is not advisable. At this point a large amount of damage has already been done. Instead of waiting you should call EcoTek to come out and perform a free termite inspection. If we find termites we will give you a free estimate of what it would cost to get rid of the pests. Included in this estimate will not only be the cost of eliminating them but also an estimate for the reconstruction repairs your structure will require. With EcoTek you’re receiving a comprehensive termite control solution that will include the exterminating, cleaning, and damage repairs. All of this work will be backed by our industry leading warranty. So that means if the termites ever come back all the costs of removing them again will be on us.

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Powerful Termite Treatments

Termidor SC is our go to termite control method. It is a liquid treatment which has been the industry standard for 5 years and running. Our team of exterminators will apply Termidor SC to your foundation to prevent termites from getting in. Termidor SC is labeled for outdoor use. It works when the termites pass through it, the chemical adheres to them and when they return to the colony it will be passed to other termites and then kill the queen and the entire colony. It is effective at killing any current infestations and preventing new colonies from forming. This is the most effective termite treatment that we offer.

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Chemical Free Monitoring Stations

We offer EcoTek Term-Pro monitoring stations, which is a chemical free monitoring option. Our technicians will install and monitor secured bait stations around your home that will draw any nearby termites. The bait stations contain wood and cardboard and allow our technicians to easily see if termites are invading your property. The monitoring allows us to identify issues and then treat them quickly. Our technicians will quickly dispose of any termites that the baits collect and apply a treatment to eliminate the others in the colony.

Wood Destroying Insect Reports and Free Inspection Services

When we provide a free inspection you also get one of our WDIR 100 reports–for free. The WDIR will detail the condition of your home in regards to wood destroying organisms. Our report will not only list information about termites but any wood borers present, such as powder post beetles or carpenter bees. This report is required when applying for a home loan or when you want to sell your home. It will indicate if there are any active infestations and explain the type of damage that has been done to the home. If you are buying a home, you may want to have an independent report done.
Our free WDIR 100 termite inspection reports are available to more than just homeowners. We happily provide them and inspections to:

  • Commercial properties
  • Institutional properties
  • Multi Family units
  • Realtors
  • Residential Builder Services

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+Structural TermiteGuard Warranty and Renewal Program

EcoTek offers an industry leading +Structural termite safeguard agreement that promises to not only kill termites and prevent them from returning, but will also shield your building from other types of pests. Whether or not you’re having an issue with fleas, bed bugs, ants, wasps, drain flies or any other type of insect, you can rest assured that we will exterminate it completely. Our +Structural TermiteGuard guarantee promises that if there is any termite activity or damage following our first treatment, we will provide further support until the job is completely done–at no cost to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my property’s value recover after repairs are made?

Termites are something that must be disclosed when selling your home. It may make some new buyers a little nervous to purchase the home. However, if the treatment was done correctly and all of the repairs made to your home, you should still be able to sell your home for a good price. A lender will want a report that that home is free from termites and other wood boring insects. Purchasing a warranty and scheduling regular treatments can protect your home and its value. It is important to keep copies of the inspection reports, the treatment plan, the repairs and the warranty that you can show your buyer when you are ready to sell.

How often do you recommend getting an inspection?

It is important to have an annual inspection to your property to look for termite damage and a possible infestation. If you notice signs of termite damage, you can call for an inspection immediately. Signs of damage or infestation include mud tubes on the exterior of the home, discarded wings and squeaky floor boards. If you see any of these signs contact EcoTek immediately.

What are the risks to wild animals with the conventional termite treatment?

Termidor SC is safe for wild animals. It is a treatment that is applied directly to the foundation and also around the exterior of the foundation, in the ground. It should not affect wild animals that are in your yard or away from the foundation.

How damaging are termites to a property?

Termites will eat through the wood in your home. This can cause structural damage to your property. This means that the wood that they eat will need to be replaced in order to keep your home safe. Some termites can also eat through the casings around your electoral wires, which can cause a fire hazard. Termites can completely destroy a home within two years.

Is there any way to prevent termites?

Termites often swarm looking for their next food source but there are steps to take around your home to make it a bit more difficult for them to invade your property.

  1. Fix any leaky pipes-Damp wood attracts termites and it is important to address any leaky pipes as quickly
  2. Check your roof—missing shingles or tiles give termites an easy way into your home. Since they begin in your attic, you may not notice an invasion until serious damage has been done.
  3. Keep mulch away from your foundation—Most mulch is made from wood products and it gives the termites an easy access to your foundation. Consider using a different type of mulch such as gravel or rubber and leave a barrier between the mulch and your home.
  4. Treat your decking—The posts for your deck go into the ground and may be any easy target for termites. The best option is to use wood treated against termites for your deck and to replace it as needed.
  5. Clear out old wood on your property—Termites are looking for an easy place to feed. They may be attracted to wood piles for your fireplace, old stumps or fallen or rotting trees. Clearing these from your property can help protect your home. Stack woodpiles away from your home and keep an eye out for termites.
  6. Customer Reviews

    I never realized we had termites until we had a hot water heater go out on us, and the plumber saw a colony of them under our house. Fortunately we were able to get Eco tek to come out the same week and they were able to kill the termites and fix all the damage. Their guys were extremely knowledgeable and explained everything to us throughout the process. Very happy with them and have recommended them to friends.

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