Crawlspace and Basement Wood Rot Repair

wood rotWood rot is often the result of small rainwater leaks or condensation that gathers in your crawlspace or basement as a result of humidity in the summer. Left unchecked, this moisture can cause significant damage over time as it threatens the structural integrity of your sub-floor, siding, interior and exterior trim and even your floor joists, and only by addressing these issues with thorough humidity and moisture control methods can they be prevented. An additional problem is that many insects and other pests are attracted to the rotting wood and it can lead to a termite infestation that results in termite damage that requires repair. If you notice stains or flaky wood, you may be at risk of having wood rot, and you may be more susceptible to termite damage. You will likely need to complete structural repairs that can be very expensive.

Wood rot can spread from the area of the original leak to other wood and lead to serious structural damage to wide areas of your home. It is important to remove wood rot and make repairs as soon as you notice it so that you do not need to address larger areas of your home. If there is a leak in your home, you need to be sure that it dries completely and then check it periodically to make sure that wood rot does not develop in the coming months. EcoTek’s Home Services department can address any issues that you have with wood rot. It is important to recognize the signs of wood rot in your home.

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    Are you noticing any of the following in your basement or crawlspace?

    • Splash up damage
    • Rainwater leaks
    • Standing water in the crawlspace or basement
    • Signs of discoloration and water staining which can either be white or dark on the framing members
    • Wood that is flaking or soft
    • Condensation along the ceiling or insulation in the basement or crawlspace

    EcoTek’s Home Service Division has over forty-five years of experience addressing these issue in homes, and we are ready to help you repair the problem before it gets worse. Let EcoTek do the dirty work for you. Contact us for an inspection and consultation today.

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