Pest Exclusion

squirrel intrusionThere are a number of pests that can work their way inside your home through small cracks including snakes, mice, roaches, rats, bats, possums, raccoons and spiders. No one wants to deal with an infestation from these pets. EcoTek’s Pest Exclusion team has a solution that can give you peace of mine. Exclusion services include:

  • Target spray foam and caulking
  • Crawlspace and floor barrier seal along with an attic and ceiling barrier seal
  • Foundation wall seal
  • Screening and blocking vents
  • Repairing breaches of eaves soffits fascia and roof
  • Repair the walls sheeting and siding

When you have the EcoTek’s pest exclusion service done to your home, all the entry points into the building envelope will be sealed off. This will fully protect your family against insects, pests and wildlife from getting into your home or business and wreaking havoc on your property.

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