Humidity and Moisture Control Services

moisture controlMoisture and humidity in your basement or crawlspace can cause serious issues in your home. It encourages wood rot which weakens the structural integrity of your home. It can also encourage the growth of mold and mildew, which you may be indicated by a strong musty smell. This can also cause lower indoor air quality and can cause people yin your family to become sick. The wood rot can attract termites and other pests looking for wood to eat or for easy access to your home.

What may seem like a minor nuisance can actual become a serious problem. The experts at EcoTek can provide a free inspection and quickly identify any areas that may have issues and determine the best solutions to addressing the humidity that is in your home. The technician can identify problems such as standing water, condensation, drainage issues and rainwater leaks with the accompanying issues of termite damage, fungi growth and wood rot.

If you notice signs like cracked and peeling paint, musty odors or mold, you need to schedule an inspection to make sure that you do not have any issues in your basement or crawlspace. Humidity and moisture control can help your home be healthier and is essential if you have family members who suffer from asthma or allergies. An inspection can help you determine if the humidity and moisture control services is a good solution for your home. Contact EcoTek to set up a free inspection and consultation today.

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    Our highly qualified Home Services team can address the humidity and moisture issues in your home by completing any of these services:

    • Vapor Barrier Installation – Installing a reinforced poly ground cover that is at least 6 mill think taping the seams and providing 100% ground cover
      100% ground coverage
    • Dehumidification Systems – Installing a dehumidifier with a permanent GFCI electrical respectable in the crawlspace and permanent condensate drain line that will go through the foundation wall that is sealed with foam
    • Crawlspace Vent Sealing – Sealing and blocking any vents to stop allowing outside air into the crawlspace
    • Water Drainage Systems – Installing a French drainage system around either the interior or exterior of the space that will include trenching to footings in your home, installing a corrugated drain pipe that will empty into a catch basin or drainage ditch at the lowest point of your foundation, which will be covered with a layer of aggregate and then soil
    • Crawlspace/Basement Sump Pumps – Installing a float switch sump pump with a permanent GFCI electrical receptacle and permanent drain line through the foundation wall that is sealed with a foam sealant—this will include PCV pipe, a liner and gravel aggregate

    The EcoTek home service specialist can keep your basement and crawlspace free from moisture and humidity which will improve the overall quality and health of your home. Our team can analyze your specific situation and determine the causes and there resulting actions to address those issue to give you a cost-effective solution customized just for you. We also provide full crawlspace encapsulation that can completely seal out moisture and humidity from your crawlspace.

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