Life Cycle of Cockroaches

cockroach exterminationCockroaches are some of the hardiest creatures on the planet. They are known to survive in difficult conditions and as a result they can be difficult to eliminate them from your home. Many roaches will wander into your home looking for food and water and if they find it they will stay. Understanding the life cycle of roaches can help you understand the steps that you need to take to eliminate them.


Roaches will lay eggs in pouches called ootheca. Each of these pouches can hold between 16 to 50 eggs. The number of eggs is determined by the species of roach. Some roaches will deposit this in an area that is close to food while others will carry it on their backs until the roaches hatch. The ootheca are flat and the same color as the roaches.


The eggs hatch about thirty days after they are laid. The nymphs will grow into adults. During this time they will molt and get bigger. You can spot a nymph because they are smaller and often have a white spot in the center of their backs. It can take three to six months for this phase.


Adult cockroaches can live up to a year. During this time, they will mate multiple times. Some cockroaches will lay eggs up to 90 times. The adult cockroaches may crawl over your dishes or food. Cockroaches live in nests in small spaces. They like refrigerators and rooms that have water.Since cockroaches can multiply so quickly. A severe infestation can cause issues with people who have allergies or asthma. They can also spread disease. The nests are difficult to find on your own. A professional can help you effectively eliminate the roaches in your home. Contact the experts at EcoTek to learn about the different treatment plans available to you.Learn more about cockroach extermination from Ecotek Termite and Pest Control of Virginia Beach.