Facts About Carpenter Ants

ant controlCarpenter ants are different from the typical household ants in a few different ways. If you have carpenter ants, you will need to take steps now to deal with them because they can cause damage to your home that is similar to the damage that termites cause. Here are interesting facts about carpenter ants.

1. Carpenter Ants Size

Carpenter ants are bigger than the ants you may normally see around your home. They are between a quarter and a half inch in length. Many of the other household ants do not get longer than one sixteenth inch in length. The size difference makes the carpenter ants appear gigantic in comparison.

2. Carpenter Ants Homes

Carpenter ants get their name because they build their homes inside of wood. They do not eat wood the way that termites do, but they will build their nests inside dead wood, and when they do this they can weaken the structure of your home. They can be difficult to find because the damage is done behind the drywall or in areas that you may not see. They will also build nests inside the wood a termite colony already ate through.

3. Carpenter Ants Strength

Carpenter ants can lift more than seven times their own weight. Some people estimate that it can be up to fifty times their own weight. Either way that is a massive amount of weight to carry. The ants can also work together to help move objects.

4. Carpenter Ants Have a Long Life

The queens can live up to twenty-five years. The longer the queen leaves, the bigger the colony. They will even create satellite colonies that can stretch over large areas. This means that they can overtake your entire home.

5. Carpenter Ants Can Bite

Some species of carpenter ants have venom and the bite can sting similar to that of fire ants. Even if the carpenter ants in your home do not have venom, the bites can still hurt and cause welts. They may offer spray a sort of glue if they feel threatened. The glue is toxic and can hurt other insects and may even bother you.Learn the difference between carpenter ants and termites