Can I Sell My Home After I Have Termites?

termite damageOne of the biggest fears associated with termites is the damage it can do to your home, which is your biggest investment. Termites can cause thousands of dollars in structural damage. However, finding out that you have termites does not mean that your home will become unsellable. Termites are such a common problem that many people look at it as matter of when your home is infested by termites as opposed to if your home is infested by termites. However, once you have had termites you may have a few more things to check off when it comes to selling your home.

1. End the Infestation

The first step is to stop the infestation completely. This means professionally treating for termites. It is important that you keep the documentation from the initial findings, and the methods that were used to kill the termites. This document will also likely contain the areas that need to be repaired as a result of the termite infestation.

2. Repair the Damages

The next step you will need to take is to repair the damages that the termites have caused. You can take before and after photos. It is also a good idea to keep this information on file. The report should explain the damage that was done, what repairs were made and when. It should also include an subsequent inspections done to make sure the work was up to code.

3. Prevent Further Termite Infestations

Once you have had termites, you should have your property inspected each year. Keep a copy of warranties that you purchase with the termite control treatment. You can also show these warranties to the person interested in buying your home. Generally, it is good practice to have annual inspections and treatments done and be able to show that you have done so.

4. Disclose the Information when It Is Time to Sell

Finally, you need to disclose the information when it is time to sell your home. It is the law and failing to do so can have serious penalties. However, the record of the treatment, repairs and further preventative treatments will show that your home is fine. There are areas of the country where most homes have dealt with termites at one time or another. A home that has been treated and repaired should not drop in value. If the repairs are not done, then it will affect the value of your home.Contact EcoTek today to get a free estimate on the costs of a termite treatment for your home.Learn how to tell the difference between termites and ants by reading: How Are Termites and Carpenter Ants Different From Each Other?