5 Ways to Prevent Ants

antsAnts are a common household pest. If you see just one, many more are sure to follow until you see a steady stream of ants moving in and out of your home all day long. It is important to prevent ants from coming into your home. Here are five steps you can take to stop ants from invading your home.

1. Seal Windows and Other Cracks

Ants can come in your home through the smallest cracks around your windows or under your door. You can use caulk to seal the areas around your windows. You can add a plastic weather seal to your doors to make sure they are closing tightly. This has the bonus of stopping drafts too. It is important to remember that even the smallest space can allow ants in. Trace the ants back to the source to figure out where you need to apply additional caulking for deal with cracks.

2. Keep It Clean

Ants are coming in to your home in search of food. If the ants do not find anything to eat they will not come back. Be sure to store your food securely so that they do not get into it. Additionally, make sure you keep your kitchen and other areas clean. Wiping down your counters after you prepare food and doing the dishes right away will mean that the ants will not find anything to eat and will not come into your home. Sweeping in your kitchen and limiting the areas where you allow food in your home can also help, as well as taking out your trash each night.

3. Fix Your Plumbing

Ants are also looking for a steady source of water. A dripping faucet or leaking pipes may be just what they are looking for. If you find any area with a small, slow leak, be sure to address it before it becomes a serious problem. It may be as simple as changing out a washer in your faucet. If you think there may be more serious leaks, you can call a plumber to complete an inspection for you.

4. Put Up Barriers

You can put up barriers to keep ants out of your home. This can be as simply as applying a desiccant powder around your home or in front of doors or other areas where ants may be coming into the home. You can place animal safe ant traps around the exterior of your home to prevent them from coming into your home.  Salt is another option that will not harm your pets or children. It is not quite as effective as desiccant powder, but it also dries out the ants.

5. Stop the Problem Before It Becomes Serious

If you do see ants, the best way to get rid of them for good is to kill the queen. There are a variety of traps and sprays that can do this, but if you have pets or small children, you may be worried about leaving these out. The best solution is to call the professionals at EcoTek to come in and deal with the issue for you. EcoTek offers free inspections and estimates to help you deal with any unwelcome pests in and around your home.Learn more about ant extermination