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    • 100% Organic Solution
    • (Initial + 8 services)
    • Full Protection Against Insects & Rodents
    • Complete Pest Prevention Barrier
    • Quarterly Inspections, Tune-ups & Maintenance
    • Service On-Demand – Free Re-sprays
    • Excludes Wood Destroying Organisms
    *Homes up to 2500 sq.ft.

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    Pest Free Guaranteed

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    • (Initial + 8 services)
    • Full Protection Against Insects & Rodents
    • Complete Pest Prevention Barrier
    • Quarterly Inspections, Tune-ups & Maintenance
    • Service On-Demand – Free Re-sprays
    • Excludes Wood Destroying Organisms
    *Homes up to 2500 sq.ft.

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    • Full Protection Against Termites, Insects & Rodents
    • Termite Monitoring and Coverage
    • Includes All Wood Destroying Organisms
    • Complete Pest Prevention Barrier
    • Quarterly Inspections, Tune-ups & Maintenance
    • Service On-Demand – Free Re-sprays
    *HOMES 1600 square feet and under

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    Pest Control Services

    Norfolk VA Pest Control company sprayingEcoTek Termite and Pest Control provides pest control and termite control services for homes and companies in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Portsmouth Virginia. We offer comprehensive extermination and wildlife removal services that include complete removal of pests, cleanup, repairs, and exclusion barriers to prevent pests from returning. Every pest control service comes with Satisfaction Guarantees along with ongoing optional Service Plans that can prevent future infestations.

    Termite Control, Inspections, and Warranties

    Nothing good comes from a termite infestation. They can do a tremendous amount of damage in a short amount of time. Termites are a scourge on property values but even more serious are the number of safety risks they create. Not only will they weaken the wooden structures in a building but dampwood termites are capable of chewing through electrical wiring which can create serious fire hazards. EcoTek offers turn key termite control services that will not only eliminate termites in your home, but clean up and repair termite damage that occurs from a termite infestation.

    Free Termite Inspections

    The signs of a termite infestation can be hard to spot before serious damage has already been done. So that’s why it’s important for property owners to regularly schedule termite inspections. EcoTek provides free termite inspections to determine, quickly and easily, whether or not an infestation is present. And if termites are found, one of our skilled technicians will provide an estimate and a proven treatment plan.

    Termite Control Treatments

    All of our termite treatment plans are designed to not only completely eliminate the pests, but to also prevent them from coming back. Our termite control treatments are carried out by the use of either a chemical or non-chemical baiting system. The chemical treatment is applied to your foundation, while the chemical free baiting system involves setting baits around your property and monitoring them to detect termites.

    Termite Treatment Warranty

    We know it’s not enough that we remove the termites–you deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing they won’t be back. That’s why both our 5 and 10 year treatment plans are backed by a satisfaction guarantee warranty. If termites return after the initial treatment, EcoTek will eliminate the infestation–free of charge.

    Interior Insect Pest Control


    There are number of different types of pests that can cause issues within homes of residents and businesses in the Norfolk area. Each type of pest brings a different set of issues, but each can carry diseases and other types of unhealthy problems. For example, if you spot one ant in your home, more are sure to follow. At EcoTek, we offer household ant extermination treatments that will address the ants that are coming inside of your home as well as take care of the entire colony.

    Cockroaches are another household pest that can carry many serious diseases. Cockroaches may wander in from the outside or you may accidentally bring them home within packages. If you see just one cockroach, chances are you have a potential infestation. Schedule a cockroach control treatment today. Our exterminators will quickly find their nests and eliminate roaches from bothering you any longer.

    bed bugs

    If you have pets, you may be facing a flea infestation. While you may know how to treat your pets to get rid of the pesky insects, it is just as important to treat your home for fleas. Our technicians can complete a flea extermination treatment and stop fleas from being a problem in your home. Bed bugs are another growing problem in and around Virginia Beach. If you suspect that you may have bed bugs, call to schedule a bed bug extermination treatment today.

    Exterior Insect Pest Control

    wasp nest

    Recently, fire ants have become a serious problem as they expand throughout the Virginia region. You may already notice signs of the large ant mounds, or be dealing with fire ant bites and stings. Don’t allow fire ants to drive your family inside, instead contact the experts at EcoTek and schedule a fire ant treatment. Our technicians will quickly work to exterminate the entire colony and give you back your yard.

    Ticks are common near wooded areas around Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth and Chesapeake. They can wander in your yard on the backs of the wildlife in the area. Ticks can spread seriously debilitating diseases like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. If you are worried about protecting your family and pets from ticks, schedule a tick control treatment today, and stop worrying about ticks bothering you, your family, and your pets.

    With the wet lands and swamps that are all around the Virginia Beach area, you may also be dealing with a mosquito problem in your yard. Our Mosquito Tek division offers a complete mosquito control program with both conventional and organic options that will eliminate mosquitoes, while allow the beneficial insects to continue to thrive in your yard. With this treatment, you can stop worrying about applying insect repellent every time you spend time in your own yard.

    Rodent Control

    rat controlDespite their size, rats and mice are capable of doing awe-inspiring amounts of damage to a home or business. They have incredibly sharp teeth capable of chewing through virtually any building material, causing wide spread structural damage. Add to this the fact they’re known to chew through electrical wires and you have a very real fire hazard. But the threat they pose is even greater than that, due to their insatiable appetites. This means that not only will they ruin your food but they will leave their droppings everything–potentially spreading disease. If you spot a rodent, be sure to set up a rodent control treatment today.

    rat nestThese rodents multiply quickly which is why one of our rodent control experts will seek out all of their in order to pinpoint the best locations to set up our traps and bait. Once their set up is complete we will establish a schedule of clearing and resetting the traps until all of the vermin are gone.

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    Wildlife Removal

    wildlife removalThere are number of wild animals that may naturally roam around your neighborhood and yard. While many of these animals are harmless when spending time outside, they can pose a risk if they build their nests in your home. Squirrels can cause damage to your insulation and walls in your attic, and possibly chew through the wiring causing a fire hazard. Birds and bats can nest in your attic and leave behind droppings that can make your family sick. Raccoons may build their nests in your crawlspace and make a mess in your yard as they dig through your garbage each evening. Raccoons pose a more serious threat since they can become aggressive if approached. Moles and gophers will dig tunnels and holes through your yards, while other animals like deer, rabbits and woodchucks may eat your garden. While some areas of your yard just need you to build the right type of exclusion barriers, there are some instances where the best option is to trap and remove the animal.

    Animals like raccoons and foxes are more likely to bite and with that comes the risk of rabies. The experts at EcoTek can help safely remove the animals from property with human traps. Removing animals from your attic or crawlspace can be tricky and it is important to effectively clean up the area as well. Rely on the wildlife removal experts at EcoTek, who can trap the animals, identify the points of entry so they can install pest exclusion barriers and aid in the cleanup process. EcoTek only uses humane traps that will not harm the animals and then they check the traps each day. Once the animal is caught they will drive it miles away before releasing it to make sure that it does not return to your property.

    EcoTek Termite and Pest Control has been providing top rated extermination services since 2011, and is proud to offer expert pest control services to Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Portsmouth. Same day service, 10% off coupons, and money back guarantees are only a phone call away.

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